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Bridge The Gap Workout


Length: 10:34

Bridge the gap between you and sexy, toned thighs! Strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs and build core strength with my favourite exercise, the Bridge. Feel amazing and look incredible from behind with this workout!

Sciatica Relief Workout


Length: 27:51

Sciatica is nerve pain arising from the sciatic nerve. It can be caused by pressure on the nerve, where it passes through the buttock. Pilates is the best form of rehabilitation and pain relief, as inactivity can worsen the symptoms. This workout gives you the most effective stretches and strengthening moves to eliminate your pain for good. Try it today and be amazed by the results!

Restorative Stretch Workout


Length: 20:51

Get a leaner, longer body that moves with grace and ease. This stretching session will restore, revitalise and renew your entire body. The perfect compliment to any of our workouts or fantastic alone, do it anytime, anywhere!

Crunch Time Workout


Length: 12:16

Crunch, flex and bend your way to a trim midsection! This workout is the perfect way to get deep into that powerhouse using moves packed with flexion to strengthen you transverse abdominals, upper abdominals and obliques.

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