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"I continually get asked what my secret is, I am very proud to tell them “Pilates by Lisa is."

In March 2019, Skye joined the Pilates By Lisa Online Studio after undergoing a discectomy (spinal disc surgery) on her L2-L3. Now, just over a year later, her progress is nothing short of INCREDIBLE! Skye started with our Kickstart Beginner's Series and now there is no stopping her! She has kindly shared her story with us, if you are looking for some serious inspiration, you've come to the right place! Now, a word from Skye:

"I discovered Pilates By Lisa in March 2019 after I had a discectomy (spinal disc surgery) on my L2-L3. My surgeon informed me Pilates and walking would be the best for my rehabilitation. 

I was looking for something I could access from the comfort of my home at a time that works for me and this is where I stumbled upon Pilates by Lisa. I started my journey with Lisa’s Beginners workouts so that I could correctly learn the fundamentals and progressed into her daily schedules from there. Within 3 months I purchased a Reformer so that I could also follow Lisa’s Reformer workouts, which I absolutely love. 

In 2019, I did a 4 week trip to the USA and I could open the program anywhere on my phone and/or laptop and easily do a workout in the time I had available. Any time I go away Lisa is with me every day. 

At times I have had questions for Lisa about my progress and advice about a certain workout and she always comes back to me very quickly with answers and advice to steer me in the right direction. Lisa’s wealth of knowledge continually amazes me and most of all her encouragement and support is better then any studio environment I have been to.  

6 months after my surgery, I decided to try running again and weights, and I truly believe without my daily Pilates practice, I would not have been able to do both again. 

20 months later I am the fittest I have ever been. My core is strong, my form on point and I never go to bed without completing a Pilates by Lisa workout Mat, Reformer, Barre, or a beautiful stretch whatever I feel like. Trust me, there are still workouts I have not tried on her extensive library. 

I continually get asked what my secret is?  I am very proud to tell them “Pilates by Lisa is”. 

The secret is out and I have Lisa to thank for making such an amazing educational platform for every level." 

Want to join Skye and our entire PBL community from all over the globe?

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