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“Quick Fix”… it sounds great, but like most things, if it sounds too good to be true, it is! Instead of endlessly searching for that magic elixir that brings instant fitness, health and wellness, we need to roll up our sleeves, tighten our ponytails and get ready for hard work and to achieve those fitness goals! You’ve got to want it, you’ve got to make time for it and you’ve got to give it a good nudge! You CAN feel the best you ever have! Here’s our Summer fitness guide to show you how.

Get On The Mat

You can probably guess what my number one tip is! The ultimate way to feel incredible for summer is to move that body and be more consistent. Try and find a way to fit a workout in every single day, even if you only have time for a 10-minute blast! Make sure you’re varying up your sessions, too. Every week I design a workout schedule for our online members that covers you from every angle and ensures you get the best results possible. Click here to check it out. Also,  keep an eye out in the coming weeks for our "Fit & Focused New Year Challenge"! It's the ultimate online challenge to get fit and get focused to make 2021 a year full of health and success! Healthy eating tips, recipes, interactive guides, articles, on-the-go workouts, sponsor prizes and more! Register Here so you don't miss out!

Find Your Motivation

Find what makes you get up and get going and make it work for you! My all-time favourite is to make a “Workout Tips” Jar and pay myself gold coins from the bottom of my bag every time I workout. If you're putting away around $30 every week working out 7 days per week, you could have almost $100 in your jar by Summer!

Another of my favourites is to reward myself with a coffee or my favourite smoothie after my workout, it tastes 100X better and is so much more satisfying if I have it AFTERWARDS! I am sometimes so tempted to roll out of bed and make my coffee straight away, but promising myself I can have it after I move my body has proven to be a great motivator!

Plan In Advance

Even the best intentions can go awry when you get home at the end of the day, exhausted, burnt out and nothing ready for dinner! Take away is fun sometimes, but taking a bit of time out on the weekend to prepare a list of meals and start your week with a trip to the grocery store to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, nuts, whole grains and lean proteins. There are lots of ideas in our PBL Kitchen section on the Online Studio, click here to check it out! By planning in advance, you are reducing stress, keep motivation high and saving time and money! That applies to your Pilates workouts too. Use the weekly schedule and commit to it!

Ditch Dieting

Skipping meals, cutting out whole food groups, obsessing over every mouthful and giving yourself grief gets you absolutely nowhere! It doesn’t work for losing weight or getting healthy, and it never will, in fact, it does the opposite! If you want to shape up for summer, you need to focus on eating good, healthy foods and nourishing your body, not punishing it with starvation tactics and synthetic meal replacements. I have milk in my coffee, cheese on my salads, skin on my chicken and fat on my meat. I eat carbs from whole grains too, and get sugar from fruit…it’s all about eating the right portion sizes and eating whole, healthy, no-additives, no-preservatives, no-more-than-one-ingredient real food! Here's one of my favourite go-to Summer recipes from the PBL Kitchen, our chicken Salsa tacos! Click here to check it out.

Adjust Your Thinking

After having my baby, I realised more than ever what a privilege it is to move our bodies and find the precious time to get on the mat! Rather than thinking of your workouts as a chore and something you "have" to do, tell yourself how LUCKY you are to have the time to exercise and view your session as something you "get" to do! Having smaller windows of time to workout meant I sometimes did workouts as late as 11 pm or as early as 5 am, my motivation was knowing that during the day when I had no opportunity to workout I would be wishing that I had the time! Next time you find yourself procrastinating, think of how much better you will feel after your workout and how grateful your future self will be that you took the opportunity to get moving!


Make a commitment to create more positive thoughts and you will reap the rewards.

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