Pilates by Lisa - The BEST Arm Circuit With The Band!

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This is an incredible upper body workout routine using the amazing, versatile PBL resistance band! The resistance of the band will tone, strengthen, improve posture and increase range of motion. These bands add another dimension to every exercise, try it right now with this fun and incredibly effective circuit workout! Complete two rounds on each side for an intense workout sesh!

Lunge & Press

1. Start in a split stance with the end of the band secured firmly under the front foot. The feet should be hip-distance apart, as though you are standing on train tracks. Hold the other end of the band in the hand opposite to the front leg with your hand directly beside your hip. Breathe in to prepare.

2. As you exhale, bend both knees until they both form 90 degree angles, the front knee should be directly over the ankle and should not extend past the toes. Simultaneously press the band forward in line with your shoulder, putting tension into the band. Inhale to return and repeat 15 times. 

Lunge & Twist

1. Stay in the same split stance with the end of the band secured firmly under the same foot as the previous exercise. This time, start with the arm that's holding the band out straight in line with the shoulder. Kee the core engaged and your weight evenly distributed. Breathe in to prepare.

2. As you exhale, bend both knees until they both form 90 degree angles and come into a lunge position. At the same time, rotate towards the same side of the arm that's holding the band, opening the arm up and reaching it to the side. Keep the arm extended the whole time and engage the Powerhouse to keep your balance. Repeat 15 times.

Cross Punch

1. Keeping the band under the same foot, turn to the side and come into a wide-legged stance with the toes parallel with one another, facing forward. Hold the band with the hand that is opposite to the foot securing the band. Bring it in beside the hip and breathe in to prepare. 

2. As you exhale, punch the arm across the body, extending the arm completely and lifting the hand up to shoulder height. Rotate slightly through the core to engage the Powerhouse and make it a full-body, dynamic movement. Repeat 15 times.


1. Start in the same position as the previous exercise, this time, start with your hand directly in front of the hip of the leg securing the band. Brace the core and inhale to prepare.

2. As you exhale, keep the hand close to the body and extend the arm out on a diagonal line, reaching as long as possible and keeping the pelvis neutral and the hips facing forward. Return to the starting position and repeat 15 times.

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