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Today we are in beautiful Paris, France for a short and sweet upper body sculpting routine with the resistance band! Join me on the balcony for a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower as we tone, define, open and release the entire upper body (All the better to carry those croissants and baguettes with!) 

Try this quick, effective leg strengthening and toning at-home workout with ankle weights and follow along with me! This is the perfect short, sharp and effective at-home workout routine to build strength, stamina, stability and control whilst toning and defining at the same time!

"I continually get asked what my secret is, I am very proud to tell them “Pilates by Lisa is."

In March 2019, Skye joined the Pilates By Lisa Online Studio after undergoing a discectomy (spinal disc surgery) on her L2-L3. Now, just over a year later, her progress is nothing short of INCREDIBLE! Skye started with our Kickstart Beginner's Series and now there is no stopping her! She has kindly shared her story with us, if you are looking for some serious inspiration, you've come to the right place! Now, a word from Skye:

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