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I believe a good early morning start and a great self-care routine are life-changing…and together they make the perfect marriage. The tone of every day can completely transform depending on the choices you make first thing in the morning. Picture the morning alarm ringing and reaching for the phone beside you, only to be barraged with notifications, emails, and other distractions. Do you feel frazzled just reading that? 

Beginning the day with a carefully curated self-care routine designed to help you linger in a sense of calm and contentment for the entire day will completely transform the day ahead. Read on to discover exactly what my morning looks like that allows me to stay calm, centred, fulfilled and blissfully happy for my busy days as a new mum, business owner and family girl!


My morning self-care routine starts at 5 am. My daughter Olivia sleeps until just after 7 am, so these 2 luxurious hours to myself are WORTH the wakeup call!

I start the morning with a simple meditation from the online studio. The beauty of meditation is that it is one of the most simple, yet powerful practices we can add to our morning routine with little to no effort at all. It requires no special equipment, it doesn’t matter what you wear (pyjamas are actually preferable) and no particular skills, all you need is a spare 5-10 minutes!

The unbelievable benefits of meditation can be surprisingly rapid to take effect. It immediately reduces stress, controls anxiety, enhances mindfulness, improves attention span and is one of the BEST ways to improve mental health.

Our meditations are just 5-10 minutes, so they are perfect for those who want to fit mindfulness into a busy schedule without the anxiety of trying to work it into the day. Try them now, click here.


For me, daily morning exercise is an absolute essential. It feels INCREDIBLE to move first thing in the morning when it’s quiet, I can take my time and there is nothing else demanding my attention! If you get up and get moving first thing in the morning, you will not only boost your metabolism, but you’ll also get the endorphins flowing which will brighten your mood!

Fitting in your workout first thing in the morning truly is one of the best ways to guarantee a happy, productive day. I do 30-60 minutes right after my meditation of Yoga, matwork, reformer or a combination. I follow our weekly schedules and choose the workout that suits my mood that morning. Plan your workouts by looking at your Weekly Workout Video schedule, check it out by clicking here!


By now it’s 6 am, and I always reward myself with a little self-care, I feel like I earn it after a workout! First up is a HOT, uninterrupted shower, which is absolute heaven and much more appreciated after having a baby!

A mini beauty routine in the mornings does absolute wonders for my mood! I find that brushing my hair, a cleanse, a spritz of rosewater and moisturiser and a little perfume does the world of good for morning motivation!

The one thing I look forward to the most is my morning coffee, I can’t get by without it…it’s an absolute must! While I’m having my coffee I have my brekkie (typically toast or oats on a weekday and pancakes or a croissant on the weekend) read the news and enjoy the silence of a still sleeping household!


This usually takes me through until about 6:45 if I’m taking my time, and I use my last moments to “journal” or really just set out my day and my thoughts.

Taking the time to notice and notate what's on your mind is the perfect way to clear your head and feel fresh for the rest of the day. My morning journal practice helps me prioritise, problem solve and promote productivity!

 I start by writing three things I’m grateful for. They can be absolutely anything! Some that make my list are cuddles with my baby girl in the morning, the beautiful weather and getting to work with my own mum every day!

Then there’s my ‘must get done’ list. A little different from my to-do list, these are the absolute top priority tasks that have to be finished by the end of the day. This is sometimes just one thing or a whole lot of things!

Lastly is my to-do list. I write down a shortlist of things I would like to get done in order of importance. Whatever doesn’t get done is simply shifted across to Tomorrow’s “to-dos”.

It’s simple, practical and puts me in a focused and fresh headspace! I don’t like overcomplicating my journal, short and sweet and to the point keeps me consistent!

Keep It Simple

A calming, refreshing morning routine doesn’t have to be complicated! You don’t need to time things or stick to a strict schedule. Even if you just get one thing done you love to do, I would call that a great success!

My mornings don’t always go as above, sometimes Olivia will wake up for a 4 am feeding marathon and I won’t have a free hand until 7 am or later, but even so, starting my day with my girl and soaking her in without the distraction of my phone or laptop and being disconnected from technology is an incredible way to start the day. Our routines don’t have to be carbon cut, they just need to feed your soul!

Remember: routines aren’t a practice in perfection. The practice to me is discovering and relishing the meaning in daily life. It’s never too late to start appreciating the small things!

Want to join me and make PBL a part of your morning routine?

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