Pilates by Lisa - Exercise After Baby: My Personal Experience

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Since I started posting my workouts with my new apprentice, AKA my daughter Olivia, the biggest question I’ve been getting from my fellow mums is: “How do you find the time to workout?!”

Firstly, let me say that it is not easy working out with a bub or young kiddies in tow, I know every mum can relate to that! Olivia is exclusively breastfed, so finding time to do ANYTHING between feeds has been the biggest challenge of my life!

In saying that, I have found ways to slowly add movement back into my life, and it’s been amazing! Olivia has grown to love our time on the mat, so here is how I’ve gone from 5-minute workouts to 30-40 minute sessions with her.

 Start With Just Five Minutes

You don’t need an hour to get a complete, effective workout! I started slowly returning to exercise 6 weeks after Olivia arrived, in between feeds when Olivia would go down for a nap or was settled enough to sit in her bouncer.

If she were awake, she would only stay settled for five minutes maximum before starting to cry, so I started with the "Just Five Minutes More" workout video series on the online studio, namely the upper body, leg, and stretch routines. I did one video daily, and when done frequently enough, short and speedy workouts can do wonders to both the body and mind!

It gets me going every time and I end up doing a sensational workout! Below are some of my all-time favourite routines. The best part? These videos are absolutely FREE for everyone to try and have a taste of what our online workouts are all about!

Click the images below to try them right here, right now:

 Find What You Love

One thing I’ve found since becoming a mum is that I’m SO much more motivated to workout at any time, because I know if the opportunity arises it’s most likely the only chance I will get! It makes it a whole lot easier when you do a form of exercise that fits your lifestyle, personality, and taste…which is exactly what the online studio is for me! 

When Olivia was about 10 weeks old, I started doing longer workouts when I knew she would be down for a long stretch at night. This would sometimes be 10-11 pm, but I LOVED working out at this time because I knew I could take my time, relax, and enjoy my workout in peace and quiet!

She would also wake up between 6-7 am, so sometimes I would get up at 5 am and fit my workout in then! I only started doing this when she was sleeping through the night, don’t put any pressure on yourself if you are still waking up multiple times a night, prioritise sleep, and before you know it the night feed phase is over!

I have been loving flexibility routines, lower body workouts, and a little upper body while my core heals, so on days where I'm struggling to find the motivation, I always turn to a short and sharp stretching routine followed by a quick butt or arm workout! I noticed an incredible difference during this time! Click the image below to browse our short and sharp workouts in the library:

I also LOVED revisiting my BabyBody Workouts, they are ideal for the post-partum stage as there is only very gentle core work, lots of leg and upper body strengthening, and the knowledge you are doing safe, fun, and EFFECTIVE workouts! Browse the entire library by clicking the image below:

 Make A Commitment

When Olivia was 14 weeks old, I felt ready to gently return back to a regular fitness routine! It was PERFECT timing with the Spring Into Summer Online Challenge running all the way through September, it was the ideal way to kickstart my fitness with the help of my entire PBL community!

Olivia is now a lot more settled between feeds and she is taking in so much of her surroundings, so I love pulling her bouncer up alongside the mat and getting her involved (along with my dachshund Diggity, of course!)

I want to be the best example I can be for my daughter, and I’m hoping that one day she will want to join in and do the workouts with me! For now, she is settled for about 30 minutes at a time, the perfect amount for me to get a really great daily workout from the challenge schedule!

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