Pilates by Lisa - Kickstart Your Pilates: Day 9

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Kickstart Your Pilates: Day 9

Kickstart Your Pilates: Day 9 Kickstart Your Pilates: Day 9 Welcome to Day NINE of your Kickstart Your Pilates Series! By now it should be becoming more of a habit rolling your mat out every day, and I know you are feeling so much fitter, healthier and energised for doing so! Today we are going to revise some of the exercises we have been learning, however this session will be focusing on creating “internal resistance”. When I say internal resistance, I mean switching on the Powerhouse, waking up your core and conditioning the deep intrinsic muscles that makes Pilates so effective! When you do Pilates you have two options. You can just go through the motions and the grind without really thinking about how or why you are moving, or you can concentrate on creating internal resistance, amp it up and switch on smaller muscles to get a deeper, much more effective workout!
  • Duration: 22:28
  • Body Area: Full Body Workouts
  • Workout Length: 20-30 Minutes
  • Equipment: No Equipment
  • Specialty Workouts: Beginner Workouts
  • Series: Kickstart Your Pilates