Pilates by Lisa - Prenatal Box Reformer Workout

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Prenatal Box Reformer Workout

Prenatal Box Reformer Workout Prenatal Box Reformer Workout Today we will be working with the reformer and the box to perform fun, safe and effective moves that will not only give the spine a well-deserved stretch and realignment, but it will also strengthen and tone every muscle, including the all-important stabilising muscles that will support the pelvis and the spine as we continue to grow and our centre of gravity changes! I'm currently in my second trimester, however, this workout is safe for all stages of pregnancy and is also a great workout everyone else too!
  • Duration: 31:49
  • Body Area: Full Body Workouts
  • Workout Length: 30-45 Minutes
  • Equipment: Reformer
  • Specialty Workouts: Prenatal Workouts
  • Premium Workouts: Reformer