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Meditation In Movement Yoga

Meditation In Movement Yoga Meditation In Movement Yoga This incredible Yoga session focuses on meditation through movement, focusing all thoughts on the body and it's sensations, it's alignment, centring and control through visualisation and engaging all of our senses. This method of practicing mindfulness and meditation is an amazing way to start if you've been struggling with focus in the meditation journey. Increase your strength, flexibility and tone whilst releasing stress and focussing your thoughts with this movement with meditation Yoga session. Harmony meets physical and mental well-being with our Movement With Meditation Yoga Workout.
  • Duration: 37:50
  • Body Area: Full Body Workouts
  • Workout Length: 30-45 Minutes
  • Equipment: Yoga Bolster, Yoga Blocks
  • Specialty Workouts: Stretching/Flexibility Workouts
  • Premium Workouts: Yoga