Pilates by Lisa - Postnatal Reformer Workout

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Postnatal Reformer Workout

Postnatal Reformer Workout Postnatal Reformer Workout This is a routine that I personally developed and used throughout my recovery after the birth of my daughter Olivia. After getting the doctor's approval, I started using this class to regain my strength, stamina, muscle tone and flexibility. It has been my go to ever since! I'm now five months post partum and feel the happiest, healthiest and strongest I've ever felt! This is also a great routine to do if you are looking for a way to build up your strength and confidence with the reformer if you are returning from injury, just getting started or want a solid workout with simple, effective exercises!
  • Duration: 23:30
  • Body Area: Full Body Workouts
  • Workout Length: 20-30 Minutes
  • Equipment: Reformer
  • Premium Workouts: Reformer
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