Pilates by Lisa - Upper Body Sculpting Blast

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Upper Body Sculpting Blast

Upper Body Sculpting Blast Upper Body Sculpting Blast "If you want a lean, sculpted, toned upper body, then this is the ultimate workout for you! Not only will you reshape your body, but you will also strengthen crucial stabilising muscles that support the scapula and spine. You will correct your posture whilst standing taller and prouder than ever before! I personally swear by this workout to define my upper body. Join me for a 20 minute exciting, challenging session that is guaranteed to get you results! All you need is a mat, resistance band, towel and a drink of water! Thank you for watching, you are about to change your body and your life!"
  • Duration: 17:38
  • Body Area: Upper Body/Back Workouts
  • Workout Length: 10-20 Minutes
  • Equipment: Resistance Band